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Specification of Stainless Kasa

Product Specifications: 

Category Kasa Stainless 
Description: We Have Long Served The Request Mesh Wire Mesh And Expanded To The Needs Of Diverse Industries In The Country. 

Please Send Your Request To: 
Email: Taloeindonesia@Gmail.Com 
Fax: 031 3728129 
To Immediately Get Our Best Deals. 

Our Flagship Products Are: 
Expanded, Expanded Metal, Filters, Galvanized, Glasswool, Hollow, Insulation, Wire, Wire Counters, Ram Wire, Lead, Lead Sheet, Counters, Mesh, Steel Screen, Pb, Perforated Metal, Pipe, Pipe, Hole Plate, Plate, Roofing , Sieve, Stainless, Steel Coil, Steel Mesh, Steel Pipe, Steel Sheet, Stainless Steel, Tin, Lead Bp, Welded Mesh, Wire, Brass Plate, Mano, Thermo, Solonoid, Welding Wire Iron / Ss / Brass / Copper, Etc. .

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